From PNM to New Member, What's Next?

Your New Member Class

The new member class will include all of the women who receive their bid from AXΩ after formal recruitment. After bid day, you will begin to learn the values of AXΩ alongside your new group of sisters. After the new member period, your new member class will be initiated together to become active members of AXΩ.  There are many new member events to provide plenty of time to bond with your new sisters. 

Your New Member Educator

In AXΩ, the VP New Member Education is the active member who will teach you about AXΩ and oversee your initial participation in AXΩ, and prepare you for initiation and active membership. She will always be a mentor available for any questions or concerns you may have throughout your new member period and beyond.


There is no hazing of any kind and hazing is never tolerated in any form; your new member period will be filled with fun sisterhood events to help you get to know your new member class and the rest of the chapter. You will also most likely be showered with presents during the process of being paired with a big sister.


Initiation is a special ceremony to welcome our new members into the lifelong sisterhood of AXΩ.  Each of University of Houston's sororities will host their own unique initiation ceremonies.  Initiation is a special tradition in which every sorority woman has had the privilege of participating.  To learn more about our ritual, visit